TOEFL Teacher – Jamie Tanzman

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Jamie specializes in helping students expand their TOEFL Speaking skills and squash their TOEFL Speaking fears.

Her professional experience and energetic personality foster a dynamic classroom environment where students learn how to improve their TOEFL Speaking scores.



Jamie Tanzman has been working as a teacher for nearly 20 years and much of her career has been spent teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Jamie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland with an undergraduate degree in Spanish education and earned a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in Rochester, NY.

In her early teaching days, Jamie taught at the elementary, middle, and high school, but most recently, she served as the Director of the American English Language Program, an Intensive English Program at Northern Kentucky University. At TST Prep, Jamie specializes in speaking and enjoys meeting students in speaking evaluations, private lessons, and group classes.

Currently, Jamie lives in South Texas. In her free time, Jamie enjoys working out at the gym, playing with her two young daughters, watching reality television, and taking long walks with her new puppy. Jamie feels passionate about teaching and tries to bring this enthusiasm and positive energy into her lessons. She truly shares in her students’ success and happiness when they go on and reach their goals. Jamie looks forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams!

Jamie Tanzman’s
Special Skills


TOEFLSpeaking Evaluator

Jamie is our most experienced TOEFL Speaking evaluator. Do you want to know if you are speaking the “right way” for the TOEFL Speaking? A single 30-minute call with her will help you discover your weaknesses and utilize your strengths to maximize your potential score.


TOEFLSpeaking Teacher

Are you tired of struggling with the TOEFL Speaking section? Jamie teaches TOEFL Speaking private and group lessons for motivated students who are ready to earn their desired TOEFL Speaking score and move on with their life. Are you ready to put the TOEFL in your past? Book classes with Jamie today.




TOEFLListening Teacher

The TOEFL Listening section is confusing, which is why Jamie has simplified the process. Utilizing unique note-taking techniques and listening strategies, Jamie has developed a dynamic and effective approach to mastering the TOEFL Listening section. Improve your listening score today.


Student Testimonials


I highly recommend Jamie to TOEFL test takers. She is absolutely a professional for teaching TOEFL Speaking.

Now I am ready to apply for business schools.


MBA candidate

I would like to thank your whole team who helped me to get my goal. I would say that my dream came true because of you all.

Special thanks to my teacher Jamie.


Physical therapist

After my first class with Jamie, I got 26 in my speaking section.

Jamie helped me to trust myself again as she gave me many idioms to use, and she also taught me how to speak like native Americans.



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